Titleist Performance Institution Golf Fitness Evaluations


Looking to improve your golf game?

Greg Ott Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Performance now offers Titleist Performance Institution Golf Fitness Evaluations. While we are not here to “fix swings” or teach the game, we are here to assist with medical conditions or restrictions that may limit or hinder a golfer’s performance.

Options of evaluation and treatment include:

1. A full TPI evaluation involving a 14 point screening with recommendations and a fitness program.

2. A medical evaluation, following a previous TPI evaluation from a Certified TPI Specialist, with recommendations and fitness program to incorporate at the club/fitness center.

3. The Golfer’s Clinic, an evaluation and treatment assessing injury or pathology affecting the golfer’s swing or performance.

This evaluation can be beneficial to seasoned experts or new comers to the game. The screening assesses flexibility as well as identifies any muscle weaknesses you may have. This information is then used to provide you with the proper exercises to both strengthen and enhance your golf game.

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