High School Injury Clinic

Our Program

Tired of spending long hours in the Emergency Room, only to find out it's just a sprain?

Our High School Injury Clinic has a considerably shorter waiting time then the local Emergency Room, in fact:

  • No appointment is needed – Just call, we'll fit you in!
  • Most patients are seen the same day they call our High School Injury Clinics
  • 3 Physical Therapist/ATC's are available to: 
    • Assess Injury
    • Advise Further Intervention
    • Make Referrals 
    • Facilitate Appointment with Physician

Parents are happy with the immediate service to help there loved ones, when they are in pain.

Sports related injuries that go unnoticed can lead to greater problems and may become chronic if not caught early. As they say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Looking for a center that offers Physical Therapy and Sports Performance? 
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