As a professional golfer on the Champions Tour, I found myself in dire straits after ankle surgery to repair a torn deltoid ligament and broken bone. My ankle surgeon suggested Greg Ott Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Performance for their knowledge and expertise in rehabilitating injured athletes. With my surgeon's input, Greg and his team developed and implemented a structured program that assured my recovery was successful and timely as possible. I highly recommend Greg Ott Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Performance for anyone needing help with an injury.

                                                                                   David Eger

                                                                                   Professional Golfer, Champions Tour

The level of care that I received from Greg Ott and his partners with my post operative physical recovery was first rate! Their experience and professionalism was very apparent in both analysis and course of treatment. Should I need physical therapy in the future, Greg Ott Center for Physical Therapy will be my provider.

G.J. Mennen Jr.

As an injured pre-professional dancer finding a physical therapist that understood what I needed was hard. Greg Ott and Angie Koonin however did exactly that. They understood the demands on me as an athlete as well as my unique demands as a dancer. Angie’s background in dance was extremely helpful. They were there every step of my recovery encouraging and supporting me. I would have never have gotten back to dance if it hadn’t been for Angie and Greg!

                                                                                       Deanna Santanello

After a severe overuse dance injury and surgery I worked with Greg and Angie extensively. They pushed me day after day to help me return to dancing. They continued to encourage and support me both physically and emotionally after others gave up. There understanding of my unique demands as an athlete and dancer helped to allow me to dance again. Greg and Angie take into account the goals and desires of every patient and work hard to help their patients reach their goals. I know I would not be the person I am without the two of them. I respect them both tremendously as professionals and as people!

Days after my knee surgery to repair a patella fracture and patella tendon tear, I found myself at Greg Ott Physical Therapy.  I arrived in pain and with the knowledge that I had a long road of therapy ahead.  What I didn't know then was just how good my experience was going to be.  Yes, therapy was hard but I had a room full of support.  Greg's entire team helped me recover.  Their expertise and encouragement kept me going when I wanted to quit.  They kept me focused on the process of getting better, and I will forever be grateful.  This is not your ordinary physical therapy office;  it is the exception.  At Greg Ott Physical Therapy you find a group of people who sincerely care about the people they serve.  You will find a true team ready to help the next person who walks in the door.  I am walking today because of my friends at Greg Ott Physical Therapy.

                                                                                                              - Marcy Gregg

On June 27, 2011, I had bilateral knee replacement surgery.  As an ex-collegiate athlete, I was looking for a physical therapist who would push me and provide me with an aggressive and challenging rehabilitation program.  I found everything I was looking for at Greg Ott Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.

On July 14th, I had my first session with John Buck and his team.  During my rehabilitation, John was constantly monitoring and adjusting my program as my flexibility and strength increased.  My sessions with John were challenging, but I could see the progress from session to session.  The results were truly unbelievable. 

On August 23rd, 8 weeks after my surgery, my surgeon gave me 100% clearance to resume all activities and told me he did not need to see me again until my one year check-up.  My knee replacements have changed my life, and I give a lot of the credit to John and his team.  I highly recommend the people at Greg Ott Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.

                                                                                    Lee G. Lyles, Charlotte, NC

"Nine years ago I suffered a traumatic fall and severe ankle break and have had four surgeries.  For years I’ve had chronic pain and lack of motion.  Then I found the Greg Ott Center for Physical Therapy.  Gregg and his staff have been tremendous in helping me strengthen my ankle, regain motion, and alleviate my pain.  The best thing about GOCPT is that everyone is your therapist!  Everyone takes part in your rehab, from the PTs to the interns, and they are extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Thanks to Heather and the staff at GOCPT, my ankle is the best it’s been in years!  I highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy." - Sharon Thorsland

"After having been injured in a car accident, I have discovered that recovery requires time and an integrated team effort.  My doctors recommended physical therapy as part of my treatment plan and referred me to  Greg Ott Physical Therapy Center.   I am very fortunate to have Greg and his professional, highly skilled, compassionate, and dedicated team as a part of my recovery team.  Greg customized a plan specific to my injuries and personal goals.  Greg and his team also make sure that I am progressing appropriately through the process and provide encouragement.  They genuinely care about the success of your recovery.  I highly recommend Greg Ott Physical Therapy Center." -  Kathryn Harrison

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